Oman Broadband partners with SCT to provide satellite internet connectivity for remote areas

Satellite internet communications is a revolutionary solution for the digital world. A recent study shows that nearly every industry depends on internet communications one way or the other. Fast, reliable, and affordable internet services continue to grow in popularity, making it a necessity for day-to-day operations in businesses and organizations. Space corporations, including Elon Musk’s SpaceX, continue to launch massive satellite constellations that aim to provide the planet with ultra-high-speed internet connectivity. 

SpaceX’s Starlink internet program earns the company a reputation in the satellite internet industry. The pioneer users of the satellite internet network said that the speeds and reliability are unmatched. For some time, mostly urban areas received internet connectivity using the satellite network. 

The Oman Broadband and a state-owned Space Communication Technologies signed the multi-year contract to develop systems that provide internet services and transmit information via satellite communications. The project aims to provide satellite internet connectivity to Oman people, who live in 598 villages and remote residential areas. The program forms part of the Oman National Internet Strategy initiated by the government-owned Telecommunication Regularity Authority. 

The SCT signed the contract at Oman Broadband’s headquarters. The corporate officials involved in the endorsement of the agreement included Eng. Salim Al Alawi, the Chief Director of SCT and Eng. Bader a Zeidi, the acting Chief Executive of Oman Broadband. The partnership is ideal for tremendous tech solutions that satisfy the ever-growing consumer demand in the digital market and other related industries. 

The contract stipulates that SCT will develop and operate the entire satellite communication network and infrastructure to serve every region in the Sultanate. The internet coverage includes several government-owned institutions, more than 100 health centres, and learning institutions. On the other hand, the agreement mandates the Oman Broadband to collaborate with companies that provide remote services for fixed-line internet to incorporate the demand for consumers living in the locations designated by the initiative. 

SCT’s infrastructure and system architecture for the satellite internet communication services will utilize state-of-the-art technologies, including Ka-band’s High Throughput Satellites. The system’s design enables internet users to use multiple channels for online services and internet communications, including E-government services, virtual learning tools, live streaming services, etc.

Eng. Salim Al Alawi said that the Sultanate aims to provide all regions with telecommunication services to help the country maintain its pace in the fourth revolution of businesses and industries. The digital milestone plans to sustain the nation’s educational, industrial, and technological requirements for satisfying consumer demands. The growing market for digital solutions offers internet service providers an opportunity to expand and sustain business operations. 

In conclusion, the Oman government honours the SCT for accepting to establish its internet infrastructure to provide satellite internet communications throughout the areas in the Sultanate.