The new agreement between Duke Energy and its partners in South Carolina will pioneer the advancement of its solar resources

Duke Energy has come to terms with Vote Solar and Sunrun in a contract that will inform the upgrade and distribution of solar resources in South Carolina if the energy regulators approve this deal. The contract will align the spread of solar resources in the two regions of Carolina to meet the growing demand for electricity by electric vehicle owners and industrial operations in the US.

The Solar Choice Net Metering program will enable small customers to acquire rooftop solar apparatus to release the excess electricity that Duke Energy can supply to the grid. The program will relay electricity in retail quantities and when the utilities witness a growing surge. Customers will be able to subscribe to solar energy or purchase solar resources on retail and even receive incentives for these subscriptions.

Duke Energy’s senior executive for rate engineering and technical resolutions, Lon Huber, retorted that this technology would change the rooftops’ picturesque in Carolina. This program appreciates solar energy while catering to customers’ electrical needs who allow these panels to land on their roofs.

The stakeholders who are instrumental in developing this program and its approval to its current level include Vote Solar, Sunrun, the Southern Environmental Law Center, among other industry shapers.

Every part that is partisan to this program has the task of championing the penetration of the solar resources to their areas of jurisdiction, including convincing the energy regulators on the essence of this program.

South Carolina is the primary benefactor in this program, given that it is the source of the program. South Carolina’s head in Duke Energy stated that the agreements with various partners in Carolina resulted in the amendment of some of the details in this program so that it suits both North and South Carolina.

Duke Energy’s partner spokesperson from Vote Solar, Thad Culley, is happy to announce that all the leaders in the energy and environmental agencies are yielding results and shedding light on the areas of investment. Thad expressed his satisfaction on the way Duke Energy is conducting the policy development for this program.

To conclude, Thad anticipates this program to satisfy the other stakeholders and attract their frivolous effort to realize a clean and reliable energy industry while meeting the electricity problems for Carolina residents. Duke Energy revealed the approval of this program by energy regulators would inform the program’s unveiling by 2022.