Smooth adoption of Electric Vehicles in Virginia with Dominion Energy Programs

Most countries are intending to protect the environment with zero-emission vehicles. Consequently, most states and cities are adopting electric vehicles. Virginia is no exception. Thanks to the Dominion Energy Virginia programs, the transition will be easy and fast for the state’s residents. The latest development was offering rebates. Currently, the only available rebates are for fast-charging locations, transit bus depots, places of work, and communities formed by several families. However, within no time, around early next year, to be precise, rebates will also be available for the residential customers.

The value of the rebates is at least $2,000 for every project. In some cases, it even exceeds $50,000. They are for network fees, chargers, and infrastructure as well. The program is all about the adoption of a new smart charging infrastructure. It not only has the approval of the State Corporation Commission but will also play a massive role in the Grid Transformation Plan of this company. With the plan, the company seeks to change Virginia’s energy for the better within the next ten years. The improvements would revolve around the customers. Therefore, it would mean accessing more renewable energy, getting more reliable services, and having various ways of saving money for them.

According to a senior officer of Power Delivery, Vice President Ed Baine, the journey towards electrification of transport modes has already begun in Virginia. Equally important, it will be possible for owners of electric vehicles to charge their cars without going through a lot of hustle or a need to go back home to do the same. Since transport is the primary source of emission, Dominion Energy is rallying behind the electrification of transportation. In addition to rebates, the residents should expect more.

For example, charging during peak hours will be more expensive than charging when the debate is high. Therefore, to some extent, the user has control over the electric bill and can save money. Come next fall. There will be an introduction of 50 electric buses set aside for Virginia students. Its collaboration with Fairfax County will see Virginia have an electric, self-driving shuttle. Virginia will have its first autonomous public transportation that creates a loop between the Mosaic District, Fairfax, VA, and Dunn Loring Metro Station.

Dominion Energy Virginia is also installing public fast-charging stations come next year. They will be fast enough to charge a battery up to 80% within half an hour. It will change a fraction of its light-duty fleet, roughly a quarter of them, to electric vehicles. Clearly, electric vehicles are gaining momentum. They do not have emissions, and unlike their gas-powered counterparts, they are relatively cheap to operate.