Schneider Electric congratulated by RE100 for being the first adopter of green energy

RE100 Leadership Awards hosted its first recognition ceremony for companies conducting visible innovative activities that pioneer a green energy economy. Schneider Electric received recognition as the first company to set the pace in the decarbonization programs. The company’s highlights of ensuring customers’ transition to clean renewable energy facilitated its recognition from this climate agency.

Schneider Electric is known for its versatile shift to energy sustainability and automation of its digital procedures. The company took the fight to avert climate change seriously with its efficient carbon emission reduction policies and the uptake of plausible renewable energy recommendations. Schneider Electric focuses on three paths to achieve zero-emissions. First, the company is aligning its operations to utilize only renewable energy. Secondly, the company motivates and educates its customers on using renewables through its products and services. Finally, the company advises the communities where it operates to substitute fossil fuels with renewables efficiently.

RE100 is an international platform affiliate to Climate Group, where big multi-billion-dollar businesses are showing optimistic acceptance of the transition to renewable electricity meet. Some of the companies collaborating with this agency include Google, VISA and Apple. Climate Group’s director of Partnerships, Mike Peirce, lauded Schneider Electric for gaining recognition as the first innovator in clean energy technology. Schneider Electric proved that it could integrate electric vehicles, renewable energy and smart energy to generate revenue. Peirce explained that they would show how this company has managed to pull through the three strategies to motivate other companies to pursue this path.

Schneider Electric decided to restructure its systems to achieve net-zero emissions by the end of this decade. Some of the strategies to achieve this objective include remodelling its fleet vehicles from ICE technology to electric cars, receiving renewable energy from different sources, electrifying all the production processes with renewables and frequent evaluation of its energy efficiency. Schneider Electric intends to maximize renewable energy uptake throughout its operations, entering power purchase agreements (PPAs) and green energy reception through the grid where other sources are inaccessible.

Another decarbonization strategy by Schneider Electric is through its customers switching to renewables. The company offers technology to enable customers to minimize their energy consumption, electrify their locomotive systems and digitize their activities. Additionally, the company teaches and benchmarks inferior companies to display how they can increase energy efficiency and operate within the renewables. Schneider Electric hopes that everyone and every company can access clean energy to stimulate economic growth and raise living standards.