General Motors is preparing for an exclusive development of its EV acceleration systems and motors. 

GM will be declaring its plan of developing its electric vehicle acceleration systems and motors. This move will propel it to achieve the switch to electric vehicle manufacturing quickly and efficiently. 

General Motors explained that this strategy would help it utilize the Detroit project to develop more electric car models to compete with Tesla. GM’s sources indicate that the company is advancing its drive systems’ interoperability to ensure that the electric vehicles continue existing to their potential life span. Additionally, the company is developing a three-motor system to fit a single electric vehicle and widen the car’s capacity to accelerate at a fast speed. GM dubbed these changeable drive systems combined with the three motors as the Ultium drive system. 

GM stated that the electric vehicles it will be unveiling in the coming months would demonstrate the new systems’ efficiency. The company’s engineers are currently adjusting the techniques to evaluate the possibility of infusing it into GM’s electric vehicles that are already in the market. Other collaborators who had to supply this technology to GM include Nikola before the company assessed the costs and resolved to develop its own. 

General Motors’ head of the global electrical propulsion development unit, Adam Kwiatkowski, explained that the independence to develop the drive systems and motors by GM would align the system with their battery technology. Kwiatkowski added that the drive systems’ development would save the company the cost of adjusting the battery connections to fit into the purchased drive and motor systems. 

Kwiatkowski reiterates that GM can customize their drive systems and patent the technology if it proves to be efficient and reliable. The new technology will give the company a sense of entitlement and open market opportunities for the company to sell technological products to startup automakers. Additionally, the company will experience economies of scale once they take the technology to full-scale. 

Kwiatkowski emphasizes that the move to design their drive systems and motors will allow GM to develop cars with a high mileage range, best performance batteries, and spacious electric vehicles. He retorted that the developed techniques have the lowest friction making them respond quickly to a step on the pedals. 

To conclude, the technology will put GM at comparable heights with Tesla once it reaches its maximum potential. Nevertheless, GM’s Detroit branch spokesperson, Phil Lienert, hinted at the possibility of the company buying components while exploring the potential of this new technology.